Fluent Conference 2013 Links

Here are this most interesting links I took away from the 2013 O’Reilly Fluent Conference, please comment if you have more to share:

Online O’Reilly book authoring and consumption: Atlas Beta – The new learning environment from O’Reilly
Interesting Global Hackathon with good prizes: Battle Hack – 10 cities + 1 world final == $100,000 USD grand prize
OpenID Connect: Connect | OpenID
Node JS Event emitters for realtime websockets: Events Node.js v0.10.8 Manual & Documentation
FlatUI boilerplate/components: Flat UI
Probably the best/most interesting link in here, html partials/components with Polymer, MUST READ: Getting started – Polymer
Google I/O 2013 – A Trip Down Memory Lane with Gmail and DevTools – YouTube
Great talk from Google I/O: Google I/O 2013 – Clientside Package Management: Less Work, More Awesome
Node HTTP server: HTTP Node.js v0.10.8 Manual & Documentation
Informative presentation on HTTP 2.0: HTTP/2.0: Challenges and Opportunities
Document your regex! JavaScript Regex :: XRegExp
RESTful API design talk by PayPal developer evangelist Jonathan Leblanc: Jonathan Leblanc, Principal developer evangelist at Paypal
Pinterest widget developer javascript for building widgets: kentbrew/Case-Hardened-JavaScript · GitHub
Much recommended book during keynotes: Lean UX – O'Reilly Media
Explanation of improvements to the TCP/IP stack in the 3.x Linux kernel: Linux 3.0 – Networking
Loading Scripts Without Blocking | High Performance Web Sites
Must watch for any mobile developer: Mobile Performance from the Radio Up: Battery, Latency and Bandwidth Optimization – Google I/O 2013 – YouTube
Some interesting talks: Talks « Binary Sunrise
Much discussed and recommended book: The Design of Everyday Things: Donald A. Norman: 9780465067107: Amazon.com: Books
Highlighted in the keynotes, new d3 chart library aims to simplify creation and reuse of charts: The Miso Project :: d3.chart
Comparison of new Javascript frameworks: TodoMVC
Topcoat UI library from Adobe: Topcoat
Online and Interactive Book on the WebAudio API: Web Audio API
Polymer Project (mentioned above): Welcome – Polymer
Chrome Packaged Apps are friggin sweet: What Are Packaged Apps? – Google Chrome
Pinterest Widget Source: widgets/pinit.js at master · pinterest/widgets · GitHub

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